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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet Roles

The roles of my lifetime continue to grow with every year. From the more mundane yet somehow fulfilling exercises of certain glamour-less roles that muddle my daily routine such as Temperature Monitor or Recycling Commissioner, to the never-ceases-to-be-extraordinary title of Mommy, my many roles in life seem to compound together like some brilliant chemistry equation in order to conceive this one remarkable (and I say remarkable because I believe that each gift of life is remarkable) life.

A wise friend recently told me that he was struggling with the desire to achieve all of his life-aspirations immediately, when he realized that if he lives his life as an authentic man, a man who is confident in himself and in the integrity that he holds so dear, a man who is true to himself and others, the aspirations of his heart will surely come in time. I too strive to live my life authentically, to be true to myself and to others, and to value each role that I have the honor of playing in this remarkable life that I have been given. I have finally come to understand what my friend already discovered, and this wisdom has empowered me to make a new commitment.

My commitment: I, “Mrs. X” (aka. “Everywoman”, have decided to make a commitment this year to myself, to my first fan who has promised to read my thoughts even if no one else does (Minkey- you know who you are), and to anyone who stumbles upon this blog, that I will document these roles that I play, with the purpose of finally embracing the craft of writing which I hold dear to my heart (I am actually ok if there are no other souls who hold my particular writing dear), of documenting my perspective on a few authentic and most precious moments in life, and to pay homage for the silver lining in every cloud that I see. For in spite of many tireless efforts to try and prove to me that the glass is half empty, I, a Pollyanna-inspired Everywoman, will always believe the glass is half full.

I dedicate my words to my greatest inspirations: My husband, “Mr. X”, My two year old son, “The Senator” (as I fondly named him in the womb for God-only-knows-why), and to my 3 month old daughter, “Parsnip” (also fondly named in the womb after a favorite root vegetable).

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  1. I will always read your blog. I love you and I am proud of you! Keep 'em comin'!